Thursday, October 2, 2008


         A week ago, I tried getting one of my speech's video-taped so that I could put it on the blog. Well after an hour of about 102 takes, Hannah and I came up with a bunch of "tries" but for some reason, I could not help laughing right in the middle of the speech. So here are some of the "takes" on a speech I gave about scheduling:

Take 1: Ok, deep breath!

Take 2: Notice, I never really get past that first statement.

Take 3: 

Take 4: I got to that know, where you just can't help making fun of yourself (along everybody else)

  Better luck next time I I'm doing a humorous interpretation from Pride and Prejudice next week, so we'll see how that goes:-)



Jeremy said...


I haven't watched them yet..... to slow of a connection.

Have fun on your cruise!