Monday, October 6, 2008

What have I been doing?...

...... School, school, and more school! Plus Speech, Debate, Extemporaneous, piano, violin, chores, ect. Yes, I've been Busy! 

  On Friday we are leaving to go on a Disney Cruise! My whole family is very excited. Normally, we try to take a post-deployment family vacation, but after dad got back from his last deployment, we MOVED. So, there was no time for a trip down to Florida and back. Then we had to wait until fall because dad was extremely busy all summer, but now we finally get to go! 

  After we get back from the cruise (the following Friday), my cousin, Eric, will be coming to spend a week with us that Monday. He is around Hannah and I's age, and so we get along pretty well. Then that weekend mom, hannah, and I are driving down to NC so that Hannah and I can play in an honors recital. Our friend, Christine, is also playing in it, so we will get to see her for a couple days too! 

 Thanks for reading!



Matthew said...

I hope you and your family have a blessed time on the cruise, with your cousin, and on the trip to NC. Just has a heads up, by weary of your neighbors on the cruise, some can be obnoxious or rowdy.