Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Who Am I?"

I posted this a couple months back on my HSB blog. It will tell you a little more about me and who I am. Enjoy!

This Post was inspired by a post by "ChristsInstrument". A few months ago she did a post like this, and I found it to be a neat idea, so here is a post inspired by hers and I hope it helps you learn more about the person I am and who I strive to be. Who Am I?- As many of you know I am a homeschooled, 14 year old girl. To some I may be seen as a "typical homeschooled Christian girl", but there is more than that. I am a Daughter of the King of Kings, designed to fufill a purpose in my life and working towards being a woman after God's own heart. My interests:
(1) As Shelia also puts it, Jesus Christ is my number one interest. I want to learn more about Him and strive to be more consistent in my devotions and spending time with Him. As some of you may know, one of my deepest faults is my, for lack of better wording, inconsistency, as I tend to try new things, and then stop, or get on a steady schedule, but eventually fall out of line. One of my biggest goals is to be more like Christ in this area of my life, and I hope and pray that one day I may the woman He wants me to be.
Reading would hit second on my list of interests. Whether a fantasy novel that takes me to another world and time, \ a good Jane Austen book with classic lines and romance, or a good old Adventure book, I enjoy reading very much. As soon as I learned to read, I enjoyed it and was usually found reading a good book in my spare time. As the years pass on, my love of reading has never faltered and I continue to enjoy this part of my life.
Music is also one of my great joys in life. Whether the piece is a hymn, classical, or even a contemperary Christian song by bands like "Casting Crowns", music has a way of stirring my heart and sending shivers down my spine, that nothing else can do. I play the violin and the piano, and enjoy playing them both regulary during the church services. This is very special, because I can now use my talents to further worship God with my music, and that is a wonderful thing to be able to do.
Cooking, crafts, and History would sum up many of my other hobbies. Whether cooking a meal for my family, or baking a cake for Sunday evening church, I have discovered that cooking/baking is a very enjoyable task, and I have much fun with it....though not so much with cleaning up the mess I make afterwards:-) Crafts is a word that I use to name many things for instance: crocheting, painting, cross-stitching, making jewelry, and more. I have esp. enjoyed beading and crocheting this past year. History is my favorite subject in school, and I find reading about ancient times, places, and people both fascinating and exciting. It has taught me much, and I enjoy the subject very much.
My hopes and dreams: My number one dream is to serve the Lord and be the person he wants me to be. I want to make this world a better place and become a servant to those in it. These words may sound easy to say, but to do is quite a different story. I hope and pray that the Lord will help me become a servant to others-friends, family, strangers- and to not judge them, but worry only about myself and my wrong-doings. I am afraid, among many of my other faults, thinking critically and selfishly is one of my many struggles, and I pray that with God's guidance I can overcome them.
I also hope to marry the man the Lord has chosen for me. Until then, I want the Lord to have my heart, and pray that I will not stray from the path towards righteousness. I hope to be a godly wife and mother and be an example to those around me of a true woman after God's own heart.
My other hopes and dream would be to do well in school, become a better musician, and to be a loving and kind friend. My focuses right now are primarily on school and music, and as they take up much of my time, I hope that I will do well in each. With hard work, and the Lord's help, I someday will hopefully acomplish these. My personality: My friends could probably answer this one for me:-) I am a fun-loving, wierd, different-sort-of girl, with many aspirations, failures, and dreams. Music, friends, and family keep me on my toes, while school, reading, and writing help me to be a more sensible person at times. While I love to be giddy and laugh with my friends, I also enjoy having serious conversations and debates with others. Some may think of me as quiet, and a little too serious at times, while some of my closest friends will realize that behind that quietness, there is a very loud, talkative, and maybe even Fun girl in there, who loves to make her opinions known (though that may not be the best all the time).So, who am I? So putting "my personality" altogether and you will arrive with the conclusion of the person I am. I am Arya, a young lady who loves laughter, excitement, and friends, but also has a logical side to her and can be sensible at times. I love Christ, Music, reading, friends, and family, and these all help form the person I am today. I am a girl who makes many mistakes, and has many faults, doubts, and fears...but Jesus forgives me of my sins and accepts me for who I am, and when it comes down to it, His opinion is all that matters.

God bless,


Holly said...

That was very well written :). You're a great writer, Arya.

Sounds to me like you are well on your way towards being a "Woman after God's own Heart".

Looking forward to your future posts! And getting to know you :)


Brianna said...

Hey Arya! Gorgeous blog!!! I'm so glad you're using a blogspot blog now!!
See you in 1 hour and 15 min!

Brianna said... the way...I got my template off one of those free template websites...I'm not sure what it was called though.

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

Great post, I should do something similar on my blog...

I think I "know" Shelia's blog too! How funny!

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I think you are precious!!! You are one of the neatest teenaged girls I know!

Miss Gina

It's Time to Live... said...

Keep going strong, The Lord blesses endurance! You sound strong.

Katrina said...

Great blog! I too love fantasy books :). Keep on playing sweet melodies for the Lord ^.^!