Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Very Sorry

Ok, to everyone who commented on my last post, FORGIVE ME! I didn't even know anyone had commented...until today! Very sorry.

I will try to be more faithful from now on. Please comment if you are still going to read this blog, and I will post again very soon.

God bless,


Holly said...

Hey Arya!
That's alright lol, I understand.

I have never found any shark teeth before, that sounds so neat. I'd hate to see sharks swimming around where my little sisters have been swimming :/
Actually, my uncle caught a baby shark yesterday with his fishing pole. It kinda brought it to a reality that "There really ARE sharks out there!" ha. lol.
I never heard of ghost crab hunting. Is that a type of crab? lol

Thanks for your comments Arya!(do you prefer Jordan?)

Holly said...

Hey Jordan!

Wow your blog looks great! I never can figure out how do to layouts and stuff lol. It's so confusing to me haha.

I noticed your profile says you live in New Zealand! I didn't know that, what's it like over there?
I've always wanted to visit there, because that's where The Lord of the Rings was filmed lol.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog!


Randy Webb said...

From another Christian musician/artist and father of a budding young musician/artist, (and Holly's Cuz-in-law) I am interested in your music blog. So yes, I'll stop by to read occasionally.



Randy W.

Holly said...

LoL, I see :)

We have good taste in movies ;). The Village is my favorite "scary" movie, and Finding Nemo is probably my favorite animation. My little sisters have watched it over, and over, and over lol. I can practically quote some of it.
I think Pixar makes the cutest movies lol.

You probably already know this, but I play the violin too! Are you taking lessons? I've been taking lessons for about 6 months.
I'm using the Suzuki Method book 1 right now.

Talk to ya later!


Jeremy said...


Wow! There's a lot of conversing going on! Boy do I feel out of touch.