Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Triple R Ranch

Hey Everyone!

  Well I am back from my two week adventure at camp. I had an awesome time and will spend this post telling you about my experience:-)

   I got there on a Sunday around 2. My mom and I drove 5 hours to get there, so it was nice to be done with the journey. I checked in, got my staff t-shirt, and went to the bunkhouse where I would be staying with the rest of the girl staff. It was a LARGE room with about 28 bunk beds (all filled) and there was a LOT OF STUFF. (I thought I overpacked, but quickly learned that I had underpacked according to the other girl's I unpacked all my stuff and headed over to the lodge (where everyone ate and the kitchen was) where there was a staff meeting. After the meeting things got busy as I went to the kitchen and began learning what my duties would be, where everything was, and met the people I would be working with for the next few weeks. After feeding the campers and parents and washing dishes, we were free to go to the Staff Meeting. At the Staff Meeting we played a couple games, sang a few songs, then headed up to bed (curfew for Jr. Staff was 10:30). Well instead of going through each day, telling what I did for every spare second of my time, I will give you a run-down on what I did all day. Since I only had to work in the afternoon and part of the evening, my morning was fairly freed up. I would get up around 7 and go to breakfast around 8. After breakfast I would usually take a shower and head over to the Trading Post, a place where they had a lot of games and a store in the back. I would usually hang out with a couple friends, crochet, or read there and then head over to the Lodge for devotions at 10. After devotions I would go to archery and hang out there till 1. Sometimes I got to shoot, but I mainly went to talk to the campers, try to memorize all their names ( NO EASY TASK for me) and talk a bit with the other staff working there. After lunch it would finally be time to work. We cleaned up from lunch, which usually took about an hour and a half. We would have to do all the dishes, get tables ready for dinner, takes lots of trash out, and things like that. There were usually about 12 people in the kitchen then and so it was usually fun working with other kids and listening to the LOUD music that was played in the back. Around 3 we were off for a couple hours and I would usually go back to the Trading Post to play with the campers, or on the second weeks challenge some of the counselors to games of chess (that was fun, even though I only won like once!). Then at 5 it was back to the kitchen where we worked until around 7:30 and then were off for the rest of the night. 8:00 were the Staff Meetings and 10:30 was curfew, so thats the basic outline of my days there.

  I really loved working in the kitchen. Sometimes it was really tiring and hot (ONE OF THE AIR Conditioners had broke and it was already hot from all the ovens being on constantly!!!!!!!), but most of the time I had a great time working with the other Staff and getting to know them better. Plus you got to pick out food for yourself for later (meaning all the best Highlights from the weeks would be hanging out at the archery range, playing chess with the counselors, learning how to play pool, the banquet night, riding a horse, playing a giant manhunt game in the dark, playing a giant capture the flag game in the dark, and swimming in the pool at night (even going down the water slide...YIKES!! Well, I'm sorry if I bored you to death with my account. For now its back to the normal. I will post again soon!

         God bless, Arya


Holly said...

Hey Jordan!
Good to hear from you :)

I am looking forward to reading that book....hope Brooke reads it fast! ;0)

I'm glad you had a great time at camp. Sorry I haven't commented sooner.

How have you been?


Brooke said...

Hey Jordan!

I am so glad you had a good time at camp! From reading your post it does look like you and I did much of the same things. I still think that's pretty cool that we were both helping at a camp and working in the kitchen at the same time :-)

I can't believe you got to go to a Rebelution conference! That is too awesome! You'll have to post about it! I just can't wait to read their book. From what you said about it, it makes me want to read it even more!!

Talk to you later.

God bless,

Anya said...

It was great to meet you too, even if it was crazily, insanely, rushed! I don't know if you have the link to Peter's blog, but he posted about it too at