Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Six random things about myself:

1. I can't stand ham. When I was younger I had ham sandwhiches for lunch one day (and hot dogs for dinner) and that night I got sick with the flu. I stayed sick ALL week and have never liked to eat ham since. The sad thing is I was sick for our one week of vacation that year (and the car broke down), it was a pretty pathetic

2. I can't sing, but I love music. 

3. I love performing, but I get really REALLY nervous before any recital or for example the debate last night. YIKES!!!!!! Usually I can hide it better on the piano, but the trying to play the violin while your hands are shaking is REALLY hard. 

4. I LOVE coffee/caffeine (that tastes reasonably good, not like energy drinks per say, although the Vault is awesome). The only problem is, whenever I leave home to go to camp or like a missions trip, and am kind of "on my own" I end up drinking way too much of the stuff. Yeah, like the missions trip last year, I mean I was getting up at like 5 (you know to get a good shower before everyone else;-) and then going to bed at 11-12ish, and working hard in between, so what are you supposed to do- DRINK VAULTS AND COFFEE, thats what!

5. I don't like mice, snakes, rats, spiders, lizards, bugs, or anything of that kind. One time when I was babysitting, there were these three little lizard-catching boys. And, well, they just thought it was so funny that I was scared of the little lizards they caught, so they would pick up one and hold it out into my face. That was a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg job! 

6. I STRONGLY DISLIKE GEOMETRY. It just happens to be the subject I'm doing now, and I don't like it!!!!

   Pictures of vacation will come soon- Jordan




Brooke said...

Fun tag. I didn't like Geometry either :P

So sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I'm so behind on comments! Anyway, sure you can be invited to our photo blog!!! I will need your e-mail though. So, as soon as I have it I'll invite ya

Hope you had fun on your vacation!


Matthew said...

Algebra 2 isn't fun either. The exam is on Friday.... Yikes x 32 squared :-). Energy drinks (I.e. Monster) have a way on a person's liver (doctors say that they aren't good for you either). Carabou coffee is good and so is Starbucks although they tend to burn their beans. On the camping trip this time around, Andy, Mike, Aaron, Dan, and I failed at our attempt to stay awake for the entire night on the last night we were there (there's always next year and we worked hard too :).

God Bless,


Jeremy said...

Vault? Who drinks vault? Mountain Dew is WAY better! I bet Holly agrees with me. ;P.

Your SSA said...

You DON'T like Geometry?! I love it!! =P

Praying for you,
~Your SSA :]

Holly said...

Ha! I can relate to a lot of those answers (except I like ham! lol.)! Maybe you would like green eggs and ham? lol jk. (I read that book to my little brother the other day so I just thought about that).

How have you been??


Britta said...

Hello. =]]

I was your ssa. I had lots of fun commenting and praying for you. ;]]

Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?


Jeremy said...

Time to post!

Brianna said...

cute tag...that's funny about the ham... :-)

had so much fun Friday!! Thanks for having us!!

YOU'VE BEEN AWARDED!!! Come visit my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

This is a warning. I recommend for the sake of your blogging reputation that you post as soon as possible. I am disappointed that I even had to leave this warning for you. If you do not post in the immediate future I am afraid that none of your friends will frequent your blog for much longer. I strongly recommend that you post VERY SOON!

Luv ya,

Your sister Hannah;-)

Sharon said...

I dislike geometry too. You've got to be so precise!

Brooke said...

Wow, when are you going to post, girl? It's been forever!


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I gave you an award!!!!!!!!! Come by and check it out!

Katy said...

Hey! LOVED the tag! And (lol) I understand about the vaults and coffee last year on the missions trip. :P

I HATE! HATE! HATE! GEOMETRY!!!! Official WORST subject of the year award! As a matter of fact, it shouldn't even GET an award.

I love you and miss you!
Katy <3

Jeremy said...

Time to post

Matthew said...

Merry Christmas Jordan.

Brooke said...

Hey Jordan,
It's been a long time! Just wanted to come by and say "hey" and hope you are doing well.

God bless,

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