Thursday, October 9, 2008

My....uhhh..."speech" :-D

     A week ago, I tried getting one of my speech's video-taped so that I could put it on the blog. Well after an hour of about 102 takes, Hannah and I came up with a bunch of "tries" but for some reason, I could not help laughing right in the middle of the speech. So here are some of the "takes" on a speech I gave about scheduling:

Take 1: Ok, deep breath!

Take 2: Notice, I never really get past that first statement.

Take 3: 

Take 4: I got to that know, where you just can't help making fun of yourself (along everybody else)

  Better luck next time I I'm doing a humorous interpretation from Pride and Prejudice next week, so we'll see how that goes:-)



Holly said...

"I few years ago, my mom read a book" That's about as much as I know about your speech. lol. That was funny :)

So you are going on a cruise tomorrow?! How cool is that?? I have always wanted to go on a cruise! Hope you have a wonderful time.
The funny thing is, my family is going on vacation tomorrow too! It's our annual "fishing trip" in the north Georgia mountains....I'm pretty excited.

God Bless,

Brooke said...

That was hilarious! I enjoyed watching your different takes. Holly and I did that once as well when we were practicing for a little skit. We kept cracking up... ;)

Matthew said...

LOL, that was pretty good. Yes it can be very hard not to laugh. I could barely see a smirk. I thought that it was entertaining :-). ttyl,


Matthew said...

PS/ I haven't quite seen that side you you :-), it was good.

Life Savior said...


Brooke said...

Thanks Jordan!! I hope you have a great time and safe travel on your vacation as well!

God bless you!


Jeremy said...


I thought I left a comment on here last night......

lol, That was funny! I hate giving

Have fun on your cruise!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I never knew you had it in you. Awesome!

Life Savior said...

You'd really convince me... :)

OnTheStraightAndNarrow said...

Hey, Ardian and I have been giving speeches every two weeks as well! So far I've done an open interp from Matthew, and dramatic interp of the Skater of Ghost Lake.

Jeremy said...


Glad your back! Did you have fun?


Your SSA said...

That is hilarious! I'm sure I would have laughed too. =]]